Custom Equipment

ROYAL METAL WORKS team can help customize the perfect solution for all of your facility needs. With our in house Design Build and Fabrication departments we can assure your project from beginning
to end.
Royal Metal Works - Service

Service 24/7 is the back bone of any project and relationship.  Beginning, during and after installation. 

This is what Bill Blazvick and RMW was in the beginning...so service is understood.  This attention will continue for the future support of the customer.

RMW will continue training in current products, technics and service to the best value for the clients.

From simple repair (which could be critical to the operation continuation) to the most complicated refrigeration system problem/ challenge.   Work in the field in such things as welding of sinks, tables with ability to replace existing equpment.  Flashing and exhaust systems are also included in this service committment.

We can make sure 24/7 is delivered to you in smooth and efficient operation for the client.

100% American Made Products
RMW supports the men and women of the US Military
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